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David Welch, Lead Pastor  - 



Alphabetical Staff Directory: 


 Zeek Avelar, Director of Student Ministries - Leadership & Discipleship -


Jennifer Black, Assistant Mother's Day Out (MDO) Director -


Kristi Brock, Childcare Coordinator -


 Melissa Brookins, Administrative Assistant to Lead Pastor -

 Adam Burrow, College Coordinator & Student Ministry Worship Leader  

Marlena Burrow, Children's Worship Coordinator  -


 Kindra Campbell, Student Ministry Coordinator - Communication -


Ashley Coleman, Worship Ministry Assistant - 


Karen Crook, Mother's Day Out (MDO) Director -


Scott Denton, Pastor of Sports & Recreation -

  Tara Forward, Administrative Assistant for Adult Ministry 

 Renee Fuller, Coordinator of Operations


 Colton Gatlin, Creative Arts Director -


 Kim Goodall, Awana Coordinator 

 David Goggins, Student Ministry Intern

Germaine Guerra, Inreach & Outreach Coordinator for Adult Grow Groups -


Ty Gulick, Ministries Pastor -


 Jim Hall, Interim Administrative Pastor

Linda Hall, Director of Children’s Ministries -

Joanne Holzen, Administrative Assistant for Children’s Ministries -


Samantha Jasperson, Preschool Ministries Coordinator


  Monica Kemp, Preschool Ministries Coordinator -


Lisa Lee, Director of Preschool Ministries -


 Ali Litton, Administrative Assistant for Preschool Ministries, Coordinator of Babies & Toddlers -


 Krista McBroom, Director of Student Ministries - Organization & Girls Ministry -


Candy McLaughlin, Director of Connection Ministries -


Aaron Morris, Adult Ministries Pastor  -


 Linda Newhouse, Administrative Assistant for Sports & Recreation Ministries  -   

 Angela Padilla, Children's Resource Coordinator

 David Ray, Worship Pastor -

 Luisa Reales, Student Ministry Intern

 Suzy Rhodes, Administrative Assistant to Administrative Pastor 


  David Rutherford, Sports and Recreation Assistant - 


 Susan Rutherford, Waterbrook Coffee Shop Manager & Financial Admin Assistant


 Nate Simmons, Technical Arts Director -


 Ashley Welch, Communications Coordinator & Connections Admin -


 Jane Yates, Financial Records Assistant  -